About Me.

Hi, I’m Angela O’Riley.
Born and raised in Iowa
Migrated to New York City to follow my love of the Fashion

I am an educated Master Fit Model.  I hold a BS in Fashion Merchandising and an MS in Textile Science.  Both of these give me a great foundation for the work I do on a daily basis.  I’ve held various different positions throughout my career in the fashion industry, which give me a unique perspective on the process of making clothing.  I am considered a brand builder and have guided many major fashion companies as they developed their new Curvy brands.  

I’m so passionate about what I do.  I really want to inspire companies to embrace the Curvy consumer and deliver the highest quality, most fashionable pieces possible.  It’s important for women to feel empowered by their clothing.  I want to make sure they feel confident to go after their dreams in life and not to be held back by their size.  

I really do see beauty everywhere… during my years working on 7th Avenue in New York City,
I appreciate seeing size diversity.   I know that regardless of your size, you can always look beautiful.  I often forget that I’m a Curvy woman, lol! Until someone reminds me that I’m an 18, not an 8.  It just fuels me to prove there is no limit to authentic beauty and to help others see the same in themselves.